In April 2014, I made the plan and purchased the means to kill myself and my young daughter, because I could see no way out of my miserable life situation. My highly-dysfunctional marriage was in shambles, I was having symptoms of a crippling disease, and the fact that I had overcome a 12+ year alcohol addiction hadn’t changed a thing. The night before I was to carry out my plan, an old boyfriend contacted me out of the blue. Something he said suddenly had me looking at myself from the inside out, and I decided to try an experiment to see if I could change my life. The transformation that has taken place since has been miraculous, and I am dedicating my life to helping others find their way to wholeness and an entirely new life. 

How I Can

Help You

Are you bogged down in your relationships, your career, or your finances? Are you suffering physically with an illness or struggling with your weight or body image? If you are ready to stop blaming and dig deep to get to the core of your issues and move past them, I can help you reshape your life and move toward the life you want for yourself. 



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